About Flavorjen

The Flavorjen group is comprised of Flavorjen Limited a New Zealand registered company based in Auckland, New Zealand and Flavorjen Pty Limited  an Australian registered company based in Melbourne, Australia.

In today’s food and beverage market the demand for natural products, clean label ingredients and natural processes is increasing.

Flavorjen offers a unique range of natural flavours, applications technology, specialised ingredients and natural preservatives to fill this need.

Flavorjen is a recognised supplier of natural flavours to the food and beverage manufacturing sector.

Flavorjen provides innovation in dairy technology through the incorporation of specialized characterising ingredients, natural dairy flavours and proprietary blends.

If you are looking for consistency of flavour, functionality of key ingredients, partial or fully replace of dairy products in your formulations, cost savings, augmenting flavour and mouth feel of low fat product or increase the indulgence without the addition of fat then you have come to the right place!

Flavorjen's range is predominately natural and branded Flavorjen under the following categories:


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"Great Tasting"
The Flavorjen Team