Flavorjen has been appointed by Fuji FN Sugar to market and support their Inulin product range in Australasia.

This Inulin product range a well-researched and application developed product. The product is highly soluble, odourless, and tasteless which makes it perfect for creating food of higher dietary fibre content. Adding a small amount of Fuji FN Inulin to food formulations will improve the crispness and the melt-in-the-mouth feel of baked confectioneries, create a moist texture to bread and cakes, increase the smoothness of mousse and chocolate, add firmness to noodles, and improve the mouthfeel and texture of processed meat and fish, as well improving product yield.

Compared to Inulin derived from Chicory Root and Chicory Root, Fuji FN Inulin has higher dietary fibre content(90%+) with lower carbohydrates and sugar and lower sodium and potassium content. Fuji FN Inulin has 0.6% higher energy total than traditional chicory root inulin.

This Inulin product will mask the unpleasant taste and odour of functional materials, help improve the flavour and texture of food formulations, and is used in dairy, diet, soymilk and vegetable beverages. This product also has the effect of enhancing the flavour of spices.

Liprogren® MFGM

The Potent Phospholipid Complex for Gut and Brain Health.

(Milk Fat Globule Membrane) is a high-phospholipid complex MFGM ingredient derived from dairy milk. MFGM has been shown to benefit gut and brain health.

The MFGM complex is a mixture of proteins, lipids, complex carbohydrates and the phospholipid composition is similar to that of neuronal cell membranes and contribute to the development of neuronal membrane cells along with helping to maintain a healthy intestinal lining. A number of published research studies have demonstrated MFGM’s importance in the human diet and have shown health benefits for gut, brain, immune health and other related conditions. In fact, MFGM is foundational to human health as it has co-evolved with mammals and humans, becoming an important part of the human diet. Not found in plants and only found in mammalian milk, the MFGM complex is nature’s first source of phospholipids and delivers significant health benefits.

Masking Flavours

Flavorjen have a range of flavour tools that include ‘masking flavours. These flavours have been developed to mask those off flavours in plant-based ingredients, soy, almond, pea and other similar products.

This technology will also mask stevia after notes, nutraceutical ingredients that impart bitter notes and those fatty notes that appear in some formulations.
These flavour tools are also available in vegan format.


Flavorjen also have a range of products that will improve mouthfeel and impart a richness in the formulation particularly where that rich aftertaste is required.

These flavours will also fuse a mix of flavours into a formulation and better balance the overall flavour experience.