Flavorjen’s Natural Preservatives are highly concentrated and highly effective in controlling bacteria and yeast and moulds in susceptible foods products such as fresh milk and cream, cheese, processed cheese, dairy desserts, soymilk, dressings and sauces, fruit and vegetables, and meat. These Preservatives can be applied in solution or as a dry mix during food processing, or applied as a surface treatment by spraying or immersion in the product packaging.


This naturally produced Natamycin is a very effective natural antimycotic food additive used to control spoilage due to yeasts and molds in a variety of foods.

The active ingredient Natamycin is naturally manufactured via fermentation, purified, crystallised, dried and blended with a carrier such as lactose to give a 50% concentration of Natamycin.


This Nisin product is an antimicrobial food additive used to control spoilage due to bacteria in a variety of foods. Nisin, the active ingredient in Nisitrol, has been used globally to control bacterial spoilage in both heat-processed, as well as low-pH foods. Nisitrol is especially effective against Gram-positive bacteria, including vegetative cells and spores. The active ingredient, Nisin, is naturally produced by Lactococcus lactis, a naturally occurring bacterium of milk. Nisin (a small polypeptide) is manufactured via fermentation, concentrated, separated, dried, and blended with salt for standardisation.