Flavorjen is an Australasian based Natural Flavour and Specialised Ingredient Company. Flavorjen is based in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand and has representation in Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Flavorjen offers a unique range of natural dairy flavours, applications technology, specialised ingredients and natural preservatives based on decades of experience in the Dairy Industry and Natural Dairy Flavour technology.

In today’s food and beverage market the demand for natural products, clean label ingredients and natural processes has continuously increased.

Demand and consumption of plant-based dairy and meat products has and continues to increase. Flavorjen have well developed and researched natural vegan flavours to satisfy this demand. Flavorjen can offer natural flavours designed for use in these non-dairy and non-meat applications.

Flavorjen have a suite of masking flavours designed to mask some of the plant based flavours that are not well liked. These masking flavours work in tandem with the our vegan dairy and meat flavours.

Recently Flavorjen were selected by Fuji FN Sugar, Japan to market their Inulin product range in Australasia. This is a well-researched and application developed product range.

Flavorjen is a recognised supplier of natural flavours to the food and beverage manufacturing sector.

If you are looking for consistency of flavour, functionality of key ingredients, vegan product enhancement, partial or fully replacement of dairy products in your formulations, cost savings, augmenting flavour and mouth feel of low fat product or to increase the indulgence without the addition of fat then our Flavorjen team are ready to assist.


Quality is very much a part of the Flavorjen Culture and focus.

Flavorjen have selected BSI Group, The British Standards Institution (BSI, a company incorporated by Royal Charter), performs the National Standards Body activity (NSB) in the UK. BSI, together with other BSI Group Companies, as our Quality provider.

Flavorjen is audited and certified to BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers.