Flavorjen’s Bakers Butter range of products has been developed to meet market demand for a readily available, low cost traditional butter alternatives. The flavour profile, melt points and component makeup have been developed to allow a 1/1 replacement of traditional butters. Designed to deliver a characteristic traditional butter flavour, mouth feel and texture to your finished product, our Bakery Butter range is a superior bakery fat that is used as a direct Butter replacement in baked goods, pastries, biscuit dough, icing, oil blends, spreads, sauces and confectionary.

Flavorjen’s Bakers Butter is available both Salted and Unsalted and the flavour profile range can be Creamy, European Style or more Lactic, depending on your desired finished product flavour. Our range includes no moisture and 16% moisture Butters, is produced from a sustainable natural sources and have a very stable targeted melt point.

The standard packaging formats are 12.5kg blocks and Sheeted 1 kg Butter packs. The product is stored frozen or chilled and distributed and used in manufacturers as traditional butter is.