This category of flavours and flavour blends is one of our favourites!

We supply a large range chocolate flavours in liquid and powder versions. These versions are designed for various end uses. Flavorjen also sell versions of chocolate blends specifically for bakery and beverage manufacturers. These blends contain a select cocoa, flavour versions with vanilla back note to complete the flavour experience.

Flavorjen vanilla flavours form a wide variety of options. One version is developed specifically for Dairy based formulations that give a smooth vanilla note with a dairy top note rounding the whole flavour out. The others include vanilla bean types.

Coffee Flavours is a key competency in Flavorjen, we have a varied range of coffee flavours in liquid and powder versions. Flavorjen also do blends of Mocha, Coffee Caramels, Coffee Hazelnut and other versions.

Mint is a flavour that works with Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla amongst other flavour options. There are a range of mint type flavours within our range. Talk to us about your mint requirements.