Nixall Fruit and Vegetable Washing Solution  is a blend of a natural Biosurfactant ( Rhamnolipid) and a new proprietary ingredient (Flavorzon).


  • All Natural product
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Gained the USA Presidential Green Chemistry Award in 2005
  • High antimicrobial properties
  • High Anti-Mycotic properties
  • No residual properties
  • Has ERMANZ approval number as a Biosurfactant
  • Proved to be affective in fruit and vegetable washing
  • Proved effective in meat (chicken) and fish processing
  • Non Allergenic

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Natajen is an antimycotic food additive used to control spoilage due to yeasts and moulds in a variety of foods. It is used globally in the cheese, juice, wine and meat industries. The active ingredient, Natamycin, also known as Pimaricin, is naturally produced by Streptomyces Natalensis. Natamycin is manufactured via fermentation, purified, crystallized, dried and blended with lactose to give a 50% concentration of Natamycin. This standardized product is sold as Natajen.



Nisitrol is a natural antimicrobial agent and used as a natural food preservative. The active ingredient is Nisin on a 50% salt base. Nisin is effective against wide range of Gram-positive bacteria particularly spore forming bacteria.