Natajen is an antimycotic food additive used to control spoilage due to yeasts and moulds in a variety of foods. It is used globally in the cheese, juice, wine and meat industries. The active ingredient, Natamycin, also known as Pimaricin, is naturally produced by Streptomyces Natalensis. Natamycin is manufactured via fermentation, purified, crystallized, dried and blended with lactose to give a 50% concentration of Natamycin. This standardized product is sold as Natajen.

Natajen has very little solubility in water. A solution or suspension of Natajen is stable at ambient temperatures and is not affected by short time exposures to 100°C temperatures. Natajen is effective in the pH range of 3 to 9 and performs optimally between pH 5 and 7.


Where regulations permit, recommended usage levels of Natajen would usually be between 5 to 50 ppm. Exact dosage levels will depend upon application method, nature of the food products to be treated, food processing conditions, and microbial load.

Natamycin is not soluble in water and requires continuous agitation of suspension during spraying of slurry or dipping of cheese and meat products. Natajen can be used in a variety of applications including:
  • Direct addition to products like yoghurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, and cream cheese.
  • Direct addition to fruit juice, fruit pulp, and fruit preparations.
  • Direct spraying onto shredded cheese and block cheese.
  • Direct spraying onto processed meats such as salami and other sausages.
  • Direct spraying or surface treatment of fish products, frozen lobster and spawn.
  • Surface treatment of cheese by dipping block cheese in a suspension of Natajen and also incorporating Natajen into an emulsion coating, which is applied onto the cheese.


The approval and labelling status of Natajen differs between Countries. Individual Country Regulations need to be consulted for the approval and labelling status of Natajen.

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