NDF 8506 Natural Dairy Flavour Feta-type

Natural Dairy Flavour Feta Type NDF-8506 is a soft, creamy white paste and has an intense characteristic Feta Cheese flavour and aroma.

Applications include:

  • Processed Cheese Analogs

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NDF 8507 - Natural Cheese Flavour Muenster Type

Natural Cheese Flavour Muenster Type NDF-8507 contains natural cheese in paste form. It is light tan to tan colour and has a characteristic Monterey Jack/ Muenster type flavour and aroma.


NDF 8508 - Natural Cheese Flavour Havarti Type

Natural Cheese Flavour NDF-8508 contains natural cheese and cream in paste form. It has a tan to deep tan colour and displays an intense Havarti cheese type taste and aroma.